Which Penis Exercises are SAFE and PROVEN To Work?

“Medical studies and clinical trials have proven that penis exercises can indeed increase the length and girth of erections. It has also proven that penis enlargement is NOT the only benefit to penis exercises.”

Penis exercises utilize the hands in special movements for penis enlargement. Penis exercises benefit you with more than just penis enlargement. These exercises are also very helpful for male enhancement.

A lot of men may still doubt the effectiveness of these exercises but proven clinical studies and real penis enlargement results from those who practice penile exercises have already disproved these negative theories.

There are many different techniques to penis exercises that you can choose to undertake.When you use proper technique consistently over time, penis exercise will increase penis size permanently. And because you are basically doing hand techniques, there are no side effects in doing these exercises.

These exercises are so effective that even doctors have recommended it. It is a safe and equally effective solution to penis enlargement and a great alternative to costly and risky surgeries.

As much as possible, penile exercises need to be done each day for faster gains. It should not take much of your time as some of the most effective exercises only need 8 minutes of your time each day.

Benefits of Penis Exercises

The benefits that are expected from penis exercises do not happen overnight. In fact, it takes a few months for significant results. On average, 2-3 month period of consistent exercise of the right technique would result in these benefits:

Longer and thicker penis
Harder and longer lasting erections
Erections at will and on demand
Increase semen production
Increase sex drive and stamina
Improved sexual performance
Correct penis curvature

How Do Penis Exercises Work?

Penis exercise encourage penis enlargement by stretching out the penile tissue. This causes old tissue to break down and stronger, bigger and thicker tissue to develop.

Basically, the principle is kind of similar to lifting weights. As you lift more weights, you muscles become bigger.With penis exercises, the more consistent you do daily exercise, the bigger and faster your penis gains are.

The increase in penis size also allows more blood to circulate to the penis. This dramatically improves the quality of your erections and also increases your libido.

“A s a doctor recommended and clinical proven solution to penis enlargement, penis exercises are definitely worth a try.”

Penis exercises are very effective in itself. However, it can also be used in conjunction with penis extenders or penis pills for faster gains.

An example of penis enlargement is Jelqing or Milking. This involves “milking” your penis from base to tip with an “ok” grip and pulling it outward. Milk it with an even pressure on all sides and in several different angles to ensure even growth. Another example include Kegel’s exercises which are also very helpful in helping you last a lot longer in bed and delaying ejaculations.

The right determination and the right penis exercise technique will ensure that you will get penis enlargement and male enhancement results. There are a lot of advices on these exercises out there but make sure you only try the time and tested proven methods from the experts.